Christian author on the migrant caravan: ‘Jesus wouldn’t allow criminals and rapists to take over America’

Paul McGuire shows his Christian empathy.

Paul McGuire is entertaining because he’s the quintessential Trump religious cultist. He once claimed that God is using Trump to “harvest souls” for the “last days.” He thinks Christians who don’t care for Trump are going straight to hell. In an especially amusing rant from earlier this year, he appeared on The Jim Bakker Show and said that opposition to Trump is being controlled by “advanced beings” who possess “supernatural multidimensional” powers.

It’s all relatively harmless batshit crazy rhetoric designed to appeal to Trump’s most gullible and fearful supporters, but things got despicable ugly when when he decided to chime in on the migrant caravan and the subject of illegal immigration as a whole.

During an appearance on The Hagmann Report online radio program this Wednesday, McGuire characterized the caravan as being full of criminals and rapists and even drew a connection between the California wildfires and immigrants.

In an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, McGuire said that the U.S. cannot “allow people into our nation who are possible criminals, gang members,” adding that the caravan is filled with “endless rows of military-aged males of fighting age, many of them angry, belligerent, cursing America and everything else.”

“I’ll tell you what Jesus would do,” McGuire said. “He wouldn’t allow criminals, rapists, violent gang members to come in and to rape, murder, destroy and take over America.”

“You’re spending these enormous sums of money to feed, clothe, educate, house, provide medical care to all these migrants,” he continued. “That sounds noble and decent, but now you have no money left over to prepare—geographically, Southern California and other regions—[for] either physical storms or these incredible fires.”

“So now you have homes being destroyed, lives being destroyed, and everything else because you don’t have anything left over in your budget to take care of America and American families because you spent all your money taking care of people from another nation,” he added.

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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