Christian author: Thanks to Trump creating ‘lavish abundance,’ Christians must rethink the End Times

According to Christian author, self-proclaimed prophet, and conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes, President Trump is so successful as a commander in chief that he may be rewriting biblical prophecy.

Hayes, also known as the “Praying Medic,” hosted a livestream on Periscope this Saturday where he said that Christians will have to “look again” at their understanding of the End Times.

“People are still living from a view is eschatology during those times of [World War I and II],” Hayes said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

According to Hayes, humanity has been bogged down by past interpretations of scripture that describe world events getting worse as Christ’s return nears. But thanks to Trump, that’s no longer the case.

“Now we have Trump,” he declared.

“If Trump manages to get rid of the deep state, if Trump manages to get rid of the Rothschilds, George Soros, and all of the people that are funding wars, then if Trump manages to destroy this globalist agenda, he is going to destroy the New World Order.”

“The rule of the banksters is coming to an end, the deep state is being gutted, and I believe Trump is going to defund all of them, destroy the New World Order, destroy the globalist agenda and he is going to be very successful in destroying and eliminating all that stuff that has been built over the last 100 years,” he continued.

Hayes then told his viewers that they’re going to have to rethink their understanding of the End Times in light of Trump’s overwhelming successes.

“Trump’s presidency and what he is doing on a geo-political scale should make every one of you go back to the Bible and look again at your understanding of the End Times, the Last Days,” he said.

He even described a prophetic dream about the coming utopia under Trump.

“There was lavish abundance everywhere, for everyone,” he said, describing the dream. “There was no lack, no poverty, no homelessness, everybody was thriving and everybody was blessed. That was a world I saw that was possible if people voted for Trump.”

“I think Trump’s presidency should make every person go back to the Bible and read the prophetic books—Daniel, the book of Revelation—and get a different understanding because if [Trump] takes down the deep state, if he destroys the globalist agenda, if he gets rid of the Rothschilds and all of these corrupt people, we have a completely different system.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image: screen grab/YouTube

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