Christian blogger: A ‘quarrelsome’ wife is more likely to be abused, so be ‘kind and submissive’

Lori Alexander’s Twitter bio says that she loves Jesus “and is not afraid to speak Truth because it sets you free!” However, Alexander’s definition of freedom is up for debate, considering what she thinks is a solution for women trapped in abusive marriages.

Alexander, also known as The Transformed Wife, has a relatively low Twitter following, but a tweet she fired off this Monday is getting a little bit more attention than usual, where she suggests that a lack of submissiveness in a marriage can lead to abuse — and it isn’t necessarily the husband’s fault.

“A wife has a much greater chance of being abused if she is quarrelsome, contentious, & abusive towards her husband rather than if she is kind, loving, & submissive,” she tweeted. “God’s ways are for our good, NOT for our harm.”

In other words, marital advice that hails from Bronze Age Palestine is sound, Godly, and a good way to avoid those unsightly bruises from a frustrated husband.

While there were plenty of replies in the comment thread condemning her logic, one Twitter user had the good sense to include a domestic abuse hotline with her reply.

[Friendly Atheist]

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