Christian blogger: It’s a ‘good thing’ coronavirus is forcing women back in the home where they belong

Lori Alexander means it: the woman’s place is in the home, and sometimes it takes a global pandemic to remind folks of that.

In a post to her Facebook page this Saturday, Lori Alexander, also known as “The Transformed Wife,” posited to her followers that there’s actually a silver lining to the growing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. According to her, the trend of people self-quarantining is putting women back to their rightful place: the home.

“With the Corona virus pushing a lot of women back into their homes with their children (which is a good thing, in my opinion), here are some ideas to help you not be bored at home while being productive too!” she wrote, linking to an article she published to her blog.

The article was written in February and didn’t address the coronavirus, but it did lend tips to women who find themselves bored and lonely with their stay-at-home traditional lifestyle.

“First of all, have you asked your husbands if they are pleased with your efforts in the home?” she writes. “Have you asked them if there is anything additional that they would like to see done, done better, or done differently? Have you asked them if they have a preference on how you spend your free time? Have you expressed your concerns to them and asked them to help you come up with constructive ways to use that time? This should be your first step and then comply fully with their wishes.”

In an article published on March 10 titled Fearing the Coronavirus, Alexander wrote that if one believes in Jesus Christ, they should have nothing to fear when it comes to a global pandemic. She even offered her own brand of health advice.

“I am not a hand washer since I’m not afraid of germs. I have dry skin and I greatly dislike the feel of dry hands,” she wrote. “Yes, I wash my hands after using the restroom but I have never thought about washing my hands after going shopping or out and about. I don’t use hand sanitizer and won’t since I have read that soap and water are much more effective. I will now wash my hands after going outside of my home to shop or anything else I do away from home. I will try to not touch my face if I haven’t washed my hands. I don’t eat junk food and have a lot of elderberry syrup ready to go. I take vitamin C and D every day. I do what I can and leave the rest in the Lord’s hands.”

Good luck, Lori.

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