Christian charity that rejected atheist’s $28K donation now complains they’re ‘extremely behind on funds’

When the Christian charity Murrow Indian Children’s Home rejected a $100 donation from Matt Wilbourn because he’s an atheist, he set up a GoFundMe for the organization just to see if there was a sum of money that they’d eventually accept.

Wilburn set up the fundraiser in the behalf of the Muskogee Atheist Community, and ended up raising over $28,000 – all rejected by the Murrow Indian Children’s Home because they didn’t want to publicly recognize a secular organization.

Anticipating the rejection, Wilbourn gave all but $5,000 to Camp Quest Oklahoma, a summer camp for the children of “freethinking parents.” Wilbourn still planned to donate the remaining $5k to the children’s home, this time giving it to a local church so they could donate the money. But even then, the group rejected it because it originally came from an atheist’s hands.

According to Patheos, Wilbourn made a last ditch effort to get the funds to the charity:

I even tried calling the electric company and the water company here in Muskogee to try and pay their bill(s) for them in the amount of $5,106.47 but those companies both said that I have to have their account number, which I do not have.

Wilbourn finally relented, and gave the rest of the money to Camp Quest.

After all that, a staffer from the children’s home posted on Facebook yesterday about how the charity is short on funds and needs the public’s assistance.

“I am asking for y’all to just consider donating something. Anything,” Sara Johnson wrote.

Maybe we should just send them thoughts and prayers.

Featured image: Matt and Kelli Wilbourn (Patheos)

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