Christian cult that said the world would end on Wednesday is now scrambling to come up with new date

Watching the mop-up process after an End Times prediction fails to come true is fascinating.

People who come out of the woodwork pretending to know the date when the biblical end of days will come are nothing new. One particular Christian cult had predicted that the world would end this past Wednesday, and now we get to watch their PR management awkwardly unfold when the prediction didn’t come true.

Chris McCann, who heads up the eBible Fellowship, has been forced to admit that he predicted the end of the world in error. McCann warned that the world would be destroyed “with fire” on Wednesday, October 7. He said:

“Since it is now 8 October it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th.”

McCann and his cult are undaunted, though. His beliefs came from a similar prediction from radio evangelist Harold Camping, who insisted that May 21, 2011 was “judgement day.” This is the man who convinced a bunch of people to give up all their money and worldly possessions because they were going to go be with Jesus.

McCann backtracked however, saying that he didn’t say things would definitely go up in flames, just a “strong likelihood”:

“Well, a strong likelihood means that something was pretty well set to happen (in this case according to the biblical evidence). Yet there is a possibility it may not happen. So it was surprising that it did not occur. But the comforting thing is that God’s will is always perfect.”

Even though his loony predictions should land Chris McMann and his followers in a nice padded cell, he is still a believer in the coming of the end of days. He says in conclusion:

“I also know that God knows exactly when that end will come. So we’ll keep studying the Bible to see what we can learn.”

Yeah, you do that.

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