Christian evangelist Josh Feuerstein: ‘The Second Amendment originated in the bible’

Internet preacher Josh Feuerstein likes to incorporate guns into his video blogs. He also likes to advocate for violence to his millions of fans. But like any religious extremist, he justifies it by hiding behind his favorite holy texts.

Feuerstein, who once urged his followers to make Planned Parenthood employees “fear for their lives” and warned Black Lives Matter activists that he’ll fill them with “60 rounds of pure lead,” now has a new addition to his ghoulish rants.

In a post to his Facebook page this Friday, Feuerstein shared his solution to school shootings: Just shoot the bad guy “full of a bunch of .45 caliber freedom seeds.” Simple as that.

So why does a professed Christian take to social media and preach violence? Feuerstein has an answer for that too.

“Now, for all of you people that are telling me, ‘Josh, I thought you were a Christian! Why are you condoning violence? I mean, why are you carrying a gun? How can you be pro-Second Amendment?'” he said.

According to Josh, his penchant for gun-toting is Jesus-approved.

“Well, let me tell you, the Second Amendment’s actually in the Bible,” he declared. “Yeah. Think about it. Even God understood that He had to give His angels weapons because you don’t defeat evil with tolerance and understanding. So for all of you people that are saying we need peace, well peace only prevails when the good guy has the bigger weapons.”

You’ve never seen a bully back down from some little scrawny kid that was defenseless, no. He pushes him around and takes his lunch money. But when you got a bigger guy, well, that bully leaves him alone. So what’s… seriously, guys. It’s time that we put veterans that are armed inside of schools to protect our children. Enough with gun control and gun free zones. We need more veterans in more schools protecting our children.

As the Friendly Atheist‘s Hement Mehta points out, the shooter at Santa Fe High School was engaged by an armed school resource officer who was shot and wounded — in addition to the 10 people who died. Something tells me Feuerstein wouldn’t have fared much better.

“Feuerstein’s theology has always consisted of bullying others while whining about persecution,” Mehta writes. “He thinks if he has a bigger gun or a louder voice, he’ll get more respect. Instead, his repulsive behavior has made him a parody of the worst kinds of Christians.”

Watch the video below:

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