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Christian ‘historian’ honors Black History Month: ‘It’s the whites’ who ended slavery

David Barton wants to make sure “the whites” aren’t forgotten by history when it comes to civil rights.

During a week-long theme honoring Black History Month, far-right Christian pastor Andrew Wommack invited David Barton on his Gospel Today TV program, who the folks over at Right Wing Watch describe as a “pseudo-historian.”

Barton used to the opportunity to emphasize that, according to him, the “whites” were the ones who were responsible for ending slavery, saying that throughout the late 1800s, “the only people who could vote in America were whites.”

“So when Congress passes the amendment to end slavery and to grant civil rights and to grant equal status, it’s only whites voting,” he said. “So you have two-thirds of the whites in the House, two-thirds of the whites in the Senate saying, ‘We want blacks to have the same rights we do.’ Then it goes to the states where whites in three-fourths of the states—[whites] were the only ones that could vote—so it really is whites saying, ‘This is wrong for us to have status different from everybody else.’”

“It’s the whites who gave up the rights to say, ‘We want equality,’ because they were the only ones that could vote,” he added.


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