Christian leader calls for a day of ‘fasting and prayer’ to protect Trump from impeachment

This Friday on the Intercessors for America‘s monthly prayer conference call, evangelical Christian author and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson called on Christians to lift President Trump up in prayer to protect him from the growing possibility of impeachment.

According to Right Wing Watch:

Dobson said that he “felt sorry for this man” when he and other Religious Right leaders met with Trump in the Oval Office last month because “so many people obviously hate him … He faces the combined opposition from the mainstream media, from members of Congress—both Democrats and Republicans, not all of them, but many of them—the entertainment industry, [and] the special interest groups who seem determined to bring him down.”

Dobson warned that “this country will be in serious trouble if they’re successful in impeaching this man” and is therefore urging Christians to pray and fast in order to protect Trump.

“I’m calling for a nationwide movement to pray for him,” Dobson said. “I’m calling for a day of fasting and prayer. I hope that Christian people from coast to coast will join in that time; the date is your choosing, but we do need to be praying for our president.”

According to Dobson, “the Lord played a role in the election of Donald Trump” and “raised” Trump up to keep conservative justices in the Supreme Court, fight against abortion rights and gay marriage, and the evangelical Christian version of religious freedom.

“It seemed evident on election night that the Lord gave us victory,” Dobson said. “So Lord, if that is true, we ask you to protect our president from anything that could hurt him.”

You can listen to an audio excerpt of the conference call at Right Wing Watch.

Featured image via CBN