Christian megachurch pastor: Teaching ‘the Gospel of Christ’ in schools can stop mass shootings

The Ten Commandments are probably the most disregarded rule set in existence, but Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist megachurch in Dallas thinks they’re enough to prevent mass shootings from taking place.

Jeffress, who is a member of President Trump’s evangelical advisory board, appeared on Fox & Friends for a segment called Keeping the Faith this Sunday, and slammed what he sees as a crusade by secularists to remove any acknowledgment” of God from the country’s schools.

Jeffress said that he doesn’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with the March for Our Lives campaign to end school violence, “but if we’re depending legislation alone to solve the problem of gun violence, well, that’s like putting a bandaid on a cancer.”

“The root problem is we need to change people’s behavior, and that can only happen with a change of heart,” he continued. “And we believe only the Gospel of Christ can do that.”

According to him, the idea that “we can be good without God” has been a “dismal failure.

“I’d remind our viewers that for the first 150 years of our nation’s history, our schoolchildren prayed, they read Scripture in school, they even memorized the Ten Commandments, including the commandment ‘Thou shall not kill,'” Jeffress said.

Jeffress added that we need to return to the time when children “read scripture in school” and “even memorized the Ten Commandments.”

“Teaching people, starting with our children, that there is a God to whom they’re accountable is not the only thing we need to do to end gun violence, but it’s the first thing we need to do,” Jeffress said.

Watch the segment from Fox & Friends below:

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