Christian minister: Christians who reject Trump ‘have the spirit of the Antichrist’

Aside from hawking his Apocalypse-ready food buckets on his impressionable fans, Jim Bakker is quite adept at disseminating conspiracies and false claims designed to gaslight anyone who may have doubts about the competency of President Trump.

It’s a tactic Bakker resorts to often: to characterize any criticism of Trump as an affront to the will of God, because Trump is God’s chosen vehicle to hasten the second coming.

On his show last week, Bakker brought in a special guest to help with his role of playing thought police over his followers. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj describes himself as a man of Hindu background who converted to Christianity after God gave him “four supernatural experiences.” Now through his Jesus Ministries organization, Selvaraj disseminates what he believes to be direct messages from The Almighty.

During his appearance on The Jim Bakker Show, Bakker asked Selvaraj why there’s still a segment of Christians who haven’t jumped on the Trump train. According to Selvaraj, it all comes down to Satan.

“They appear like a sheep among the sheepfold, among Christianity, but they are not of God,” Selvaraj said.

“It’s the devil who has planted them, so they have the spirit of what the Apostle John calls the spirit of the Antichrist in them, he continued. “So it is they who stir up the people and stir up the hornet’s nest against a righteous king, a righteous man, so that either he is moved out of office or so discouraged that he cannot stand up for righteousness that he will end up compromising.”

Bakker then asked his audience to join him in a prayer to protect President Trump and to end abortion, among other things. When the prayer was over, Selvaraj declared that Trump is “God’s chosen righteous man.”

“God will use him to effect righteousness on other world leaders and turn other nations around to righteousness.”

Anyone who uses the words “righteousness” and “Trump” in the same sentence either hasn’t been paying attention or has a warped sense of what righteousness is. Either way, it’s all part of the Jim Bakker grift.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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