Christian minister: The Confederate flag has nothing to do with slavery — I know because a Civil War reenactor told me

Christian activist, homophobe, and racist David Daubenmire told his viewers in a recent video that he was “blown away” this past weekend after a conversation he had with a Civil War reenactor.

“He brought with him all of the different flags that were flown during the Civil War,” Daubenmire said, adding that he discovered that the “cross” on the Confederate flag represents the crucifixion of St. Andrew.

“I had no idea,” he exclaimed. “It had nothing to do with slavery. It had everything to do with righteous government and the right of free men to govern themselves.”

“It’s unbelievable!” he continued. “The winners write the history, isn’t that what they tell us? And they have made the Southern flag about slavery and it wasn’t about that at all.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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