Christian minister who needed a root canal: ‘The Spirit of God came on me and gave me a dental miracle’

According to prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw, God stepped in and gave her a root canal. She has previously warned that Satanists and witches take control of your kids when they eat Halloween candy.

Last November she warned Christians to be on the offensive against the “demonic realm” that keeps conjuring up “curses, spells, vexes, and other evil practices” in the weeks before Halloween “to destroy Christians, uproot prophetic destinies and come against the plans of God.”

She also cautioned that Christians who view the holiday as fun are “co-laboring with the works of darkness and are supporting “occult practices like having sex with demons and sacrificing babies to drink their blood.”

But last week, her teeth were on her mind as she spoke to Charisma News:

“I knew I needed a dental miracle because I was struggling with a root issue. And I physically reached my arm up into the spiritual realm. I grabbed it, I slapped my mouth, and I said, ‘That’s mine. I’m receiving that one.’ And I felt the spirit of God come on me so much that my husband and I ended up having dessert at a restaurant after the conference, and I was still intoxicated by the presence of the Lord.”

[Via JoeMyGod]

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