Christian news site founder: Bud Light is bringing on the ‘End Times’

In an op-ed published at the far-right Christian website Charisma News, the website’s founder said that Bud Light’s embrace of the LGBTQ community is just another sign that we’re living “in a post-Christian culture,” adding that America is becoming “more and more evil and deserves to be judged.”

“Just look at what has been happening with major retailers like Target, Kohls and Bud Light,” Stephen Strang wrote. “They have not only shoved down the LGBTQ agenda onto adults, but they have pushed these monstrous views onto children and infants. This agenda goes far beyond a cultural phenomenon and has direct spiritual implications as there is no way of hiding the satanic values supported by the people behind these products.”

According to reports, sales of Bud Light have continued to drop after the brand partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a marketing push.

According to Strang, big-name brands that embrace LGBTQ acceptance are fulfilling God’s word “regarding what would happen in the end times before Jesus returns.”

“We must prepare for battle if we are to survive, just as Navy Seals must toughen themselves in a way civilians don’t. Because of their training, those Navy Seals stand a better chance of surviving in a combat situation than you or I would! This is how we must prepare the battles to come in our perilous times,” Strang wrote.

Read the full op-ed over at Charisma News.

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Sky Palma

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