Christian pastor arrested for voyeurism after secretly taking cellphone video inside a gym bathroom

TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA — David Nathaniel Powell, 67, was arrested Friday morning after allegedly secretly videotaping another man at a fitness center.

According to a local news outlet, Powell is the pastor of Grace Temple Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.

From WTHI News 10:

Back on February 19th, an employee at Planet Fitness in Terre Haute filed a police report alleging Powell went in and out of the locker room several times during his shift.

At one point, the employee went to use the restroom and noticed Powell recording him from above the stall.

The employee said he was able to take the phone from Powell.

Other illicit images were also reportedly on Powell’s phone. He’s since been asked to never return to the gym.

Speaking to News 10, Planet Fitness staff said behavior like Powell’s won’t be tolerated.

“Whether it happened in the men’s locker room…women’s locker room…it really doesn’t matter,” Planet Fitness member Scott England said. “It’s the wrong thing. It should never happen. Anything that should happen in the locker room should be kept private. It should never be filmed by the facility or any person or individual.”

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Powell was in the restroom while another patron went to go to the bathroom. The patron noticed Powell standing outside the stall before seeing him stick a cellphone over the wall and point the camera downward at him.

The patron then exited the stall, took the camera from Powell, and attempted to erase the footage and noticed there was footage of other men on the cellphone.

Powell reportedly apologized profusely, saying, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

He’s been released on his own recognizance. His trial is set for August 22.

Featured image: Vigo County Sheriff’s Office via WTHR

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