Christian pastor: Blame sin and abortion for Hurricane Florence, not climate change

Right-wing Christian pastor Rick Joyner thinks Barack Obama is the reason we have white supremacists, so his contention that sin is responsible for the latest hurricane isn’t that big of a stretch from his overall logic.

In a video posted to his Facebook page this Wednesday, Joyner slammed an article from The Washington Post’s editorial board that contends President Trump is “complicit” when it comes to extreme weather events like Hurricane Florence, which is currently bearing down on the Carolinas. While many conservative pundits and outlets slammed the article as a nonsensical attempt to blame Trump for climate change, it’s clear that the article’s message is simply pointing out that Trump’s refusal to establish a coherent policy to combat the problem will only make it worse.

But Joyner isn’t one to spend time uncovering the true context of a story, and he mocked the Post for its “crazy” take.

“I read where The Washington Post is blaming the storm on President Trump,” Joyner said in a video excerpt flagged by Right Wing Watch. “You gotta be kidding me! How crazy can you be?”

“They were literally saying, ‘He has to take the blame for this storm because of his belief on climate change, or lack of belief in climate change,'” Joyner stated incorrectly. “All this does is make the climate change people look like bigger nuts than ever.”

Joyner then returned to a familiar refrain from televangelists and far-right preachers: that sin, in this case, abortion, is to blame for the suffering caused by natural disasters — which are sent by God as punishment.

“More than dumping too much CO2 into the air or anything else, the scripture makes it clear what causes these things,” he said.

“It is sin. Sin, which is clearly defined in scripture. One of the worst things we could do to bring a curse on a nation is the shedding of innocent blood. What could be more innocent than the unborn? And look at what America is doing.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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