Bad Coronavirus Takes

Christian pastor brags that over 200 parishioners gave him their stimulus checks

Pastor Tony Spell seems pretty confident in himself. So far, he has openly defied Louisiana’s lockdown order by holding packed church services, which ultimately led to his arrest. He also was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after he backed his church bus up to within just inches of a protester. Now, he’s bragging to TMZ he’s convinced over 200 of his followers to hand over their stimulus check to him.

Spell, who heads Life Tabernacle Church, told TMZ that since he issued his “Pastor Spell Stimulus Challenge” on April 19, 205 have given at least a portion of their stimulus checks to his church.

Spell tells TMZ that he plans to continue holding church services despite ongoing lockdown orders and despite the fact that he’s under house arrest due to a previous arrest.

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