Christian pastor claims he can cure coronavirus — dies from it in less than a week

Panic is spreading amongst the followers of a Cameroon pastor after his death from the coronavirus, likely due to the fact that he claimed he had the power to cure it.

According to Voice of America, hundreds of  Frankline Ndifor‘s followers gathered outside his house and claimed that he was not dead, but instead was visiting God in heaven and would later return. Cameroon police had to use force to gain access to his residence in the economic capital city Douala, even has his parishioners tried to block his path.

Ndifor reportedly died less than a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

“This is a pastor that has been laying hands [on the sick] and claiming that he cures COVID-19,” said a follower named Rigobert Che.

“If you, the person that claims that you are curing COVID-19, you are dead, what about the fellow people that were affected by the COVID-19?” Che added. “Now that he is dead, I do not know how the people that he was laying hands on will be healed.”

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