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Christian pastor: Democrats’ hatred for Trump ‘is deeper than human — it’s satanic’

On this Monday’s edition of The Jim Bakker Show, Jim Bakker had on as a guest apocalyptic pastor Irvin Baxter, who thinks President Trump is playing an adversarial role to Satan.

In a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Bakker tells Baxter that those who “hate the cross” also hate Trump, adding that there is a “spirit of Antichrist in the world right now,” and Baxter agreed.

“I think it is so critical that people really understand why the hatred,” Baxter said. “Why is this?”

Baxter then launched into an array of globalist conspiracy theories.

“They’ve been working for a hundred years to get to their one-world governmental system,” he said. “And all of a sudden this guy by the name of Trump comes along and he starts campaigning against their globalistic system.”

“Oh my…” Bakker uttered.

“And the first thing he did was pull us out of the Paris Climate Change Accord,” Baxter continued, only to be interrupted by applause from the audience. “And that was their plan for world government because climate is international — the air doesn’t stop at the border, the water doesn’t stop at the border — so you have to have international law to control climate.”

According to Baxter, “They” have a plan that’s to be implemented by 2030 that’s going to give everyone a “global ID.”

“I mean, they’ve got this thing all planned out,” he declared.

“But when Trump comes along and upsets their apple cart … even Republicans have not been hated like this guy, but it’s because he was against their one-world government, and this hatred is deeper than human — it’s satanic. It’s so satanic that Satan hates it because Trump is messing up his plan.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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