Christian pastor: Donald Trump has been ‘anointed by God’ to be a ‘messiah’

During a recent livestream, Mississippi pro-Trump pastor Shane Vaughn declared the God has placed a “prophetic seal” on Donald Trump, suggesting that his supporters will be blessed with prosperity as a reward for supporting him.

“What is the prophetic seal that Yahweh placed upon Donald Trump and upon his true people?” Vaughn said. “It is supernatural prosperity and blessings.”

“That’s the prophetic seal!” Vaughn declared. “The reign of God, when he touches your life, there will be unparalleled blessings that come into your life that you didn’t ask for, you didn’t create, you’re just anointed for that season, and the evidence of it is in the prosperity of the nation and the people.”

“Donald Trump carried the prophetic seal of the calling of God — he is chosen!”

Later in his rant, Vaughn declared that if you are “anointed by Yahweh for a specific plan and purpose, you are a messiah.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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