Christian pastor: Don’t pray against coronavirus — it’s ‘permitted’ by God to fight ‘abominations’ (the gays)

During a recent sermon streamed on his YouTube channel, Pastor Perry Stone told his followers not to bother praying against the coronavirus, since it’s part of God’s plan to eliminate the earth of sin.

As Stone was talking, he said the Holy Spirit suddenly came upon him, compelling him to share a special message.

“…if this were just a man-made virus, and they’ve called it an ‘evolutionary virus’ — or it doesn’t matter what it is,” Stone said. “If it were just a normal thing, then if we pray and repent it would immediately be stopped, if it was a normal thing.”

“Now, if it is a permitted thing, meaning the hand of the Lord came off the country for the abominations … then there’s nothing we can do except pray and ask God to help us, repent, and we’re talking about national repentance as well, and turn to God for help and watch him begin to work.”

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

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