Christian pastor: God can’t bless America until we ‘shed the blood of abortion doctors’

A Baptist preacher in Texas said in a recent sermon that he wants to see abortion doctors killed, but he wants to see it done through “due process.”

According to Pastor Jonathan Shelley, the fact that abortion doctors are allowed to operate is preventing God from bestowing his blessings on America.

“America has a lot of abortion doctors walking around right now causing God to not be able to bless America until we shed their blood,” Shelley declared to his congregation, some of whom replied, “Amen!”

“Now, I do not believe that we should take that into our own hands — I won’t touch one of them … only in self-defense,” he continued. “But you know what? We should pass legislation and our government should find these people guilty of murder through due process, through the legal processes of multiple witnesses of hard evidence, and then they should … kill them.”

Shelley said that if he were in charge, he’d give people a “free pass.”

“But starting, like, immediately effective, any future abortion at this point, we would slay them,” he said. “We would kill them because I don’t want God to be mad at me.”

Watch the video below:

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