Christian pastor: Having a job in Heaven is great because there are ‘no regulations’


During a recent appearance on The Jim Bakker Show, Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress reassured viewers that when they get to Heaven, it won’t be “one unending church service.”

“Well, the fact is worship is going to be a part of what we do [in Heaven] and it’s going to be worship like we’ve never experienced before here on earth,” Jeffress told host Jim Bakker. “While worship is one thing we’re going to do, it’s not the only thing we’re going to do — we’re also going to work in Heaven.”

“That might even sound more like Hell to some people, you know, working in Heaven,” Jeffress continued. “But remember, God created us to be workers. Work was a gift from God before the fall of Adam and Eve. … But in Heaven, the new Heaven and the new earth, all of the things that drained the joy out of our work, bodies that grow tired, strained relationships, government regulations — all those things will be removed and we’re going to enjoy work like God intended us to enjoy it.”

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