Christian pastor: Jesus would have ‘took a whip and beat the crap out of John Bolton’

Last month, evangelical pastor Rodney Howard Browne claimed President Donald Trump was being too nice to Democrats and that he “needs to get meaner.” Now he seems to be taking his own advice and aiming it at John Bolton, who’s written a controversial book that the Trump administration is trying to stop from being published.

In regards to “clown walrus Warhawk Bolton,” Browne says he knows just what Jesus would do, noted Right Wing Watch in a tweet Wednesday.

In reference to Bolton, Howard-Browne had this to say:

“You are a slimeball of the highest order … I should have knocked your sorry butt through the door of the Oval Office into the rose garden when I saw you. I would have gladly been arrested … what a Benedict Arnold … I am glad you were fired!!!!”

He followed that up with:

“I have no respect for someone who is disloyal to the president and loyal to deep state!!! No respect! No respect at all ….. what a globalist sellout!”

“WWJD: he would have made a whip and beat the crap out of him!”

Howard-Browne is a conspiracy theorist. He’s previously claimed the U.S. is building Nazi-style gas chambers and says he stands behind Trump “100 percent.”

Here are the tweets below:

[Right Wing Watch]

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Megan Hamilton

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