Christian pastor: Noah’s family shoveled 12 tons of animal feces into the sea every day

Interpreting the bible literally, especially stories like the one about Noah’s Ark, creates an amusing pastime for Christian creationists which involves trying to make sense of things that aren’t humanly possible. Case in point: How did Noah deal with the shit overflow on his ark, considering that was carrying two of kind of creature on earth?

In a recent sermon filmed at the Golan Heights in Israel for a video series called Exposing Satan’s Secrets, Christian pastor Perry Stone tackled this very question. According to him, they just shoveled it through a door on the side.

“It is estimated that there was 5 to 12 tons of manure a day on the Ark,” Stone said. “Now there was a window on top of that Ark that could be opened — it actually was on the side, not the top, it’s on the side — where they could throw it out if they needed to, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it piled piled piled, they had a way getting rid of it, no doubt.”

That’s a lot of shoveling for a family of eight people.


[Friendly Atheist]

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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