Josh Feuerstein bets atheists $100K they can’t prove God doesn’t exist, atheist proves Josh is dumb

Evangelical pastor and Internet celebrity Joshua Feuerstein lives in a bubble. It’s a bubble so encapsulating, he can’t see how ridiculous he looks challenging his ideological opponents to prove a negative.

In a video that blew up the Internet (mainly in Evangelical circles), Feuerstein challenged skeptics to provide “proof or evidence” that God does not exist. If they could, he will give them $100,000.

Here it is:

As infantile as his logic is, it’s also insulting. It’s quite clear that he has no intention of honoring this bet. If you’re still not clear on how this intellectually dishonest doublespeak works, DeadState will offer anyone $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 for proof that the Hindu god Ganesha doesn’t exist.

All this aside, Seth Andrews of the blog The Thinking Atheist responded – not with an acceptance of the challenge – but with a video of his own, entitled, “The Feuerstein Fallacy.” It’s a perfect and concise takedown of the tired and debunked thinking that Feuerstein is trying to resurrect.

“Josh, science called and said, ‘You’re doing it wrong!’” Andrews started out. “Scientists and non-scientists alike with any cursory understanding of the burden of proof, know that you don’t start with anything and everything that cannot be disproven.”

“By that standard, fairies exist. The Boogey Man exists. Plush time-travelling Teddy Bears in outer space exist – prove they don’t exist,” he continued.

Watch Seth Andrews’ entire rebuttal in the video below:

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