Christian pastor: The 2020 election was ‘certified’ in Heaven for Trump and Biden is actually an ‘actor’

During an appearance on the conspiratorial and apocalyptic livestream the Elijah List, self-proclaimed “prophet” and diehard Trump supporter Johnny Enlow had some *unusual* thoughts about the 2020 election results.

Decertify the 2020 election’s result like Trump wants? No need — Heaven already has that covered.

“There already has been a decertification — there is an understanding that decertifying of the 2o2o election, I tell you, one hundred percent it has happened in Heaven, and I’m saying as well, from the very beginning people keep asking when Trump’s coming back, and I said, ‘He never left. He has been president, he has not stopped being president, he is legally the president of the United States of America,'” Enlow said.

According to Enlow, Trump is “spiritually authorized from Heaven” to be president.

“There’s gonna be proof of that,” Enlow declared, but says the proof will only be visible through the “strategy of optics” of why he’s not in the position that Joe Biden the “actor” is.

“That’s not the real Biden, so that’s for another conversation.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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