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Christian pastor: The ‘Deep State’ will remove Trump and put Christians in concentration camps

During an appearance on the The Hagmann Report webcast this past Tuesday, apocalyptic pastor and crackpot conspiracy theorist Paul Begley introduced a new angle to the “Deep State” hysteria that’s gripping many pro-Trump circles.

According to him, the investigation into President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia is actually just a plan to clear the way for America’s Christians to be put in concentration camps.

In a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, host Joe Hagmann asked Begley about a 2010 U.S. Army report titled, ““Internment and Resettlement Operations,” recalling how Begley had once claimed he was “approached to part of this … movement of pastors that would lead the civilians into the camps.”

“These plans are all in place,” Hagmann declared.

“They have been on the books for years now,” he continued, addressing Begley, “And I think what we are seeing is the deep state is so worried they are in emergency mode working against President Trump, working against the American people, that they’re going to do anything they can to get Trump knocked off and delegitimatized. But as soon as whatever that flashpoint event [is] happens, they’ve got everything in place.”

Begley responded by recounting a “vision” he’d had years ago where he says he saw “Christians and patriots and veterans and conservatives” being shipped off to internment camps.

“It is all about gearing up against Christians, against conservatives, against those that are standing for America,” Begley said. “And the deep state has this plan. It has been in place quite a while, they’ve trained and trained … The shackles are there. I’m serious. So they are trying to take Trump out.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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