Christian pastor: The left hates Trump because he’s ‘too much of a man for them’

During his radio program, The Awakening on Friday, right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson opined that the reason why the Left hates Trump is because of his masculinity. The president, he said, “is just too much of a man for them.”

“I’m convinced that a lot of this criticism of the president also has to do with his masculinity,” Jackson said in clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “He’s a man, and you know the left doesn’t like manhood.”

“I think the president, frankly, is just too much of a man for them,” he added. “They just don’t like manhood, and I think that’s part of the problem too — the radical feminists, the homosexuals, the transgenders, whatever bizarre idea they have of who we’re supposed to be, they’re not putting up with men who stand tall, who stand up straight and say, ‘Look, this is who I am, this is what I believe, you can like it, or you can lump it, but there it is.”

He added his thoughts on Obama.

“[Barack] Obama was effete. Obama was light in the loafers. You all remember seeing that time when he was exercising, and he — oh, brother — he looked like Olive Oyl trying to lift a half-pound weight? I’m serious. It was a bizarre thing to watch. I don’t know why he allowed it to be filmed; it did not put him in a manly light.”

Here’s an audio clip of Jackson’s comments below:

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Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton has traveled extensively throughout the Southern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America. A lifelong atheist, these travels have informed her political views. She currently lives in a remote location with a large herd of cats and four dogs.