Christian minister: The migrant caravan is a ‘strategy against the grand plan of God’

It was just a matter of time before the pro-Trump Christian right applied their biblical purism to the desperate people traveling in the migrant caravan, and Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network is stepping up the plate.

Appearing on the Crosstalk radio program this Tuesday, Rohrer posited that the migrant caravan’s very existence is a rebuke to God’s preference for borders.

“God created nations,” Rohrer said in an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“He created borders. Acts 17 actually talks about God establishing the nations before the beginning of the world; he defined even their borders, the geography. So when we fight against God’s plan, we fight against God himself,” he continued.

Rohrer is referring to Acts 17:26, which reads, “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”

He then spoke about “people who call themselves Christians” who advocate for open border as being unwitting opponents of God.

“Whether people realize it or not, the fight for open borders—even by many of those who call themselves Christians, who say, ‘Let anybody come in’—they are, whether they’re doing it wittingly or unwittingly, they are fighting against God’s plan and fighting against God himself,” Rohrer said. “It’s a strategy against the grand plan of God who established the nations.”

This isn’t the first time Rohrer has used immigrants as a prop to whip up apocalyptic hysteria. Last year, he declared that anyone opposed to President Trump’s immigration policies are siding with the “antichrist.”

“Who is it that’s pushing for open border?” Rohrer said in an interview from August 2017. “It’s globalists. It’s the one-world government. It’s out of which will come the antichrist — and understanding that the concept of borders and nations and languages are God’s ideas.”

It’s a concept that he regurgitated again this Tuesday, except now he has desperate men, women, and children as props.

“This is a matter of law, it’s a matter of God’s design,” Rohrer said on Tuesday. “So when we oppose it … it’s not biblical and it’s not lawful so therefore how does one come about saying it’s right?”

Listen to the audio below via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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