Christian pastor to evangelicals: ‘Trump’s behavior is none of our business — it’s our business to pray’

Right-wing evangelical pastor Kenneth Copeland began the New Year by scolding Christians who find fault with President Trump. Copeland, 83, is an avowed Trump supporter, having dined with Trump at the White House alongside several other religious leaders. Like Trump, he enjoys the trappings of wealth (replete with a private jet) and his net worth is valued at $760 million. He’s a firm believer in “prosperity gospel,” an idea that equates wealth with blessings from God, notes Right Wing Watch.

So he’s taken the opportunity to tell his followers that while they may not understand what Trump is doing, they had better refrain from criticizing him.

“I see and hear the lies and people don’t understand why he does what he does,” he said in a stern browbeating tone. “That’s none of your business! It’s our business to pray!”

Here’s the video below.

Featured image via screen grab

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