Christian pastor: Trump and Putin are taking on the New World Order and ‘Luciferians’ are angry

As the backlash over Trump’s disastrously deferential press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin reaches a fever pitch, both sides of the political isle have voiced their outrage.

But Trump’s most vocal supporters will always find a way to rationalize and support his most egregious outrages, and the far-right wing of evangelicals who fall in cult-like lockstep with his policies are no exception. Enter Pastor Paul Begley.

During a livestream this Monday night where he discussed the Helsinki Summit, Begley saw the meeting between Trump and the authoritarian Russian leader as the latest front against the “New World Order” or as some people call it, the “Illuminati.”

According to Begley, the backlash over the press conference is due to “Luciferians” anger over Trump and Putin blocking them from installing a one-world government. Any why do Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer still have jobs? Because they “thought the New World Order was going to be already in play” but their plans have been delayed by the prayers of Trump-supporting Christians.

“When I tell you that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are taking on the New World Order, they are,” Begley declared.

“They really, really are,” he continued. “We have an Antichrist lurking among us, folks, and these old senators and congressmen that won’t go away, it’s because they thought they were going to see the glory of the Luciferians. They thought their time had come.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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