Christian pastor: Trump is a ‘mighty eagle’ that protected us from ‘encroaching darkness’ of the gays

Mississippi pastor Shane Vaughn recently posted a video message to Donald Trump, addressing him as “Mr. President” and reassuring him that “when the eagle flies again, his beak is stronger than it was during the molting process,” presumably referring to the false hope that Vaughn and others share that Trump will return to the White House before 2024.

“His feathers are new, and he comes back to take his finally flight,” Vaughn said.

“Donald Trump is fighting for his survival tonight,” he continued. “Everyone is out to get him. The LGBT community — they want to destroy him. The racists of the world want to destroy him. The LGBT community wants to change our nation and this man stood in their way and said, ‘Boys can’t go in girls’ bathrooms.’ He stood in their way like the mighty eagle. He spread those wings to defend America. Hallelujah!”

“To defend our nation against an encroaching darkness, and that enemy was out to destroy this eagle, but I believe the hand of Yahweh took that eagle and put him into hiding for the restructuring, the breaking, the humility, so that when Donald Trump comes back out to take his final flight, it will be on the wings of an eagle to fly higher than he’s ever flown before.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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