Christian pastor weeps as he prays for God to destroy Trump’s ‘enemies’

Tuesday’s episode of The Jim Bakker Show was a doozy thanks to special guest Pastor Robert Henderson, who claims to have lobbied “the courts of heaven” to help Donald Trump get elected president. It was a nutty segment that was topped off with Henderson shedding tears as he called on God to protect Trump.

Throughout the segment, Henderson painted Trump as a persecuted president. But according to Henderson, the joke’s on Trump’s opponents, who are actually opposing God.

“They can try all day long to remove him, they will not remove him. God said, ‘I set him as the president,’ and they can fight, and they can curse, and they can do all that they want; the problem is that they’re fighting against God,” Henderson said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

Henderson said he had a dream in March of 2016 where then-candidate Trump called him on the phone and asked him to hold a “conference” with God in order to give him an edge in the race for president.’

“And [God] said to me, ‘Here’s what I want you to do, as you stand here, I want you to decree that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is as grass and that she is as the flower of the grass, and the burning, searing, exposing heat of God will come and bring exposure, and she will wither away and Donald Trump will be the president of the United States.’”

Later in the show, he lifted Trump up in prayer, his voice cracking with emotion as he spoke.

“I pray for President Donald J. Trump, my president,” Henderson proclaimed. “I’m asking for your grace over him. I’m asking that you would arise and defend him, and defend your purposes in him, that no weapon form will prosper.”

Henderson went on to ask God to hold Trump’s enemies “in contempt of court” as he sniffled back tears.

“I’m asking that it would be so, Lord. I’m asking that your name be glorified in him. Use him as your vessel, as your servant…and let great grace be upon him, Lord.”

As Richardson prayed, the camera panned to an audience deep in prayer.

The pastor was on Bakker’s show to promote his book, Prayers and Declarations that Open the Courts of Heaven, where he claims that the “legal battles that take place in Heaven’s Courtrooms often delay our requests from coming to pass.”

His book claims to be a “prayer guide” that will expedite your prayers to the top of Heaven’s court docket.

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