Christian pastors predicted coronavirus would be ‘destroyed’ by the ‘blood of Jesus’ in 10 days — 11 days ago

Earlier this month (March 13 to be precise), pastors Steve Strang and Cal Pierce predicted on a podcast that coronavirus would be destroyed “in 10 days” in spectacular fashion, meaning that the world “will acknowledge this turnaround to the glory of God.”

Monday, March 23 was the tenth day, and coronavirus is still very present.

During their podcast, Pierce, who’s with the International Association of Healing Rooms, predicted that COVID-19 would be wiped out. It would be so wiped out he predicted, that, people would “acknowledge this turnaround to the glory of God.”

“We, as the body of Christ, speak to the mountain of coronavirus: You, spirit of death and fear, be taken up and cast back into the sea of Hell.  You will stop now and leave Earth. We decree that in ten days the world will acknowledge this turnaround to the glory of God. This is the will of God, established by the blood of Jesus, whose authority we must obey.”

Strang concurred with Pierce’s proclamation, offering no rebuttal.

So far the coronavirus has responded by infecting 417,676 people and causing 18,312 deaths.

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