Christian podcaster: SCOTUS pick should have ‘deep religious beliefs that will impact culture’

Dave Daubenmire, the crackpot disseminator of vile homophobia and bizarre Christian-themed conspiracy theories who hosts a weekly podcast called Pass the Salt Live, took a moment to talk about the qualities he thinks a Supreme Court justice should have. According to Daubenmire, the notion that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t allow his religious beliefs to shape his decisions is dead wrong.

“They’ve convinced us that your faith is private and personal,” Daubenmire lamented, referring to godless liberals.

“That’s why we can appoint a Supreme Court candidate whose faith is personal, and when they ask him and begin to grill him and ask him about, ‘Well, what do you feel about Roe v. Wade?,’ he’s going to use that line, ‘Well, my religious beliefs are personal and I would never inject my personal beliefs into the law,’” he said.

But according to Daubenmire, “the left” does that on a regular basis.

“They think men ought to be able to have butt sex, so they project that into the law.”

Daubenmire complained that conservatives aren’t cashing in on their election wins by being assertive in pushing their beliefs

“What we need is some bold dude to stand up and say, ‘Listen, whether you like it or not, my views represent the views of millions and millions of Americans and I’m going to take my beliefs and I’m going to take them on to the Supreme Court and I’m going to allow my deeply held religious beliefs to impact the culture. That is what I am going to do,’” he declared.

“We won and our side doesn’t even demand victory,” he continued. “We won and our side doesn’t even want a trophy! We won and we want the losers to keep the trophy!”

“We’re not militant in our beliefs. Of course I’m trying to indoctrinate you in my beliefs! Of course I am!”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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