Christian preacher: An Alien snuck in my room and pretended to be my husband to have sex with me

Sharon Gilbert, an End Times author and Christian preacher, appeared on The Jim Bakker Show this week and relayed a bizarre tale of a horny alien who invaded her bedroom.

According to Gilbert’s story, the alien tried to impersonate her husband in order to have sex with her — but there’s more:

“After Derek and I got married this other Derek appears in our bed,” she said. “The real Derek is lying down next to me, other Derek sits right up out of him. It startled me.”

“I knew that was not Derek and so I asked this critter, who are you? Because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations.

“He said: ‘I am your husband.’ I said: ‘Who are you?’

“He had the nerve to claim to be, Xerxes. Other Derek seriously wanted to invite me, to use my free will to do something that was going to pull me away from God.”

Watch the video below:

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