Christian preacher: Church-state separation isn’t real because ‘many preachers’ signed Declaration of Independence

During a recent sermon, Pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman gave his thoughts about Christians who think politics shouldn’t be brought up in church.

“God is anointing those that are standing up with an incredible boldness and authority,” Kunneman said. “And yet, we still have immature Christians, who, you say something bold or something that touches on politics and they don’t think — ‘Well, that shouldn’t be mentioned in the church’ — and my question is, well then, where do you really think that you’re gonna hear the truth about the culture or what’s happening in your government?”

According to Kunneman, you’re not going to get “the truth” from the news.

“So let’s grow up and realize that there was never a separation between church and state,” he continued. “That is not what our Founding Fathers intended. In fact, the signing of the [Declaration of Independence] was many preachers that caused themselves to come together and get involved in politics.”

In a tweet, Right Wing Watch attempted to correct Kunneman’s claim that there was only one minister who signed the Declaration of Independence, but there were actually two: Lyman Hall and John Witherspoon. Still, it wasn’t “many preachers” as Kunneman claims, and it’s still not a refutation to the existence of chuch-state separation.

Watch the video below:

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