Christian preacher: ‘Demon’ Meghan Markle ‘poisoned’ Royal Family’s bloodline because she’s half-black

Dave Daubenmire is a rabid right-wing Christian who is so dead set against interracial marriage that when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle he claimed the marriage was a “psy-op” that was meant to promote “the blending of the races.” Daubenmire is vehemently against interracial marriage because he believes it has weakened the U.S., Right Wing Watch reports.

“Today, interracial marriage would be considered honorable, when 40 years ago it would have been considered a disgrace,” he claimed in 2017. “Now is it a disgrace, or is it honorable? Has the mixing of culture been good for America or has it been bad? Is America stronger today than we were 40 years ago or are we weaker today? And could it be we are weaker today because multiculturalism is spiritual AIDS and has brought an infection into what was once a great Christian American culture?”

Yesterday on his Pass The Salt Live broadcast, Daubenmire discussed the recent news that Harry and Meghan were stepping back from their positions in the Royal Family and singled out Markle for having “infiltrated” and “poisoned” royal bloodlines.

“How is the royal bloodline of the crown being poisoned?” he asked. “Is there something special about this commoner who was married into the royalty?”

Well of course, according to Daubenmire’s way of thinking.

“She’s half-black,” he said. “When [Harry and Meghan] step back, what is going to be at the heart of why she did it? What are they going to say? Come on. Wake up here. What are they going to say? Racism … she never felt comfortable. She felt like she was below everybody else.”

Then he discussed the effects the royal family has had on Anglo Saxon Protestant culture.

“The royal family is the seat of Christianity,” Daubenmire added. “We cannot deny the impact the royal family has had on the WASP-y culture; the white Anglo Saxon Protestant culture is a result of what has happened within the crown. And the crown has now, for the first time, been infiltrated with a bloodline … oh my goodness that sounds racist, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t miss what’s going on,” he said. “This infiltrator comes in, proud of her infiltration, proud of her multiculturalism. And what is that demon doing? Destroying and upsetting everything, every tradition in that in that royal family.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Megan Hamilton

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