Christian preacher says prison is necessary for Hillary Clinton’s salvation

Right-wing online commentator and Christian minister Dave Daubenmire — commonly called “coach” due to his former high school football coaching career — hosts a video series called Pass the Salt. In his latest episode, he described his Memorial Day, which was likely very different than what you or your friends and family probably ended up doing.

Daubenmire explained that he did not grill out on the barbecue, but rather traveled to Chappaqua, New York, to harass the Clinton family and demand that former Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton be imprisoned.

But lest you be confused, Daubenmire’s intentions were altruistic — at least, according to his own thought process. The purpose of his visit, which included a few dozen other protesters who joined him, was to help Clinton get “saved.”

“You think Hillary is going to get saved sitting in Chappaqua?” Daubenmire asked his audience on his Tuesday program.

Yet the only way for that to actually happen, according to Daubenmire, was for Clinton to get arrested and thrown in prison, to be “perp-walked,” and to have “everything…taken from her.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Daubenmire’s explanation was as follows:

“I want Hillary Clinton saved, but I’m not going to go to her house and read the Bible out loud to her. I want her perp-walked. I want her to go to jail and everything she has to be taken from her and then cry out to Christ. That’s what I want for Hillary Clinton. Why does that seem harsh and unloving? She has to be taught to fear God. She’s not going to come to Jesus unless she fears God.”

Daubenmire, a strong supporter of President Trump, demonstrated with his reasoning that many of the Commander-in-Chief’s staunchest supporters are still obsessed with Clinton. Trump himself showcased his own obsession with the former Secretary of State earlier this year when she announced she would not seek a run for the presidency as a nominee for the Democrats again.

Trump tweeted out, according to USA Today, that he was upset he wouldn’t get to run against Clinton once more. Clinton replied with a tweet of her own, asking with a GIF why Trump was so obsessed with her more than two years after the 2016 election went down.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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