Christian preacher Josh Feuerstein offers Greta Thunberg $100K to ‘debate’ him: ‘Who wants to see this?’

Joshua Feuerstein has quite a Rolodex of mind-numbing takes. He loves guns, and he thinks the Second Amendment originated in the bible. He once seemingly threatened to fill Black Lives Matter with “60 rounds of lead.” He once posted a video to Facebook literally calling for violence against Planned Parenthood. He accused Christians who go to Starbucks of drinking “abortion coffee.” He also offered a $100,000 reward to any atheist who can prove God exists, apparently not being aware that it’s impossible to prove a negative.

Now he’s projecting his weird brand of Christian-fueled narcissistic personality disorder onto climate activist Greta Thunberg. In a post to his Facebook page this Tuesday, Feuerstein challenged Thunberg to a debate, presumably about climate change.

“Greta Thunberg, I would like to formally offer $100,000 donation to a charity of your choice if you are willing to engage in an hour long televised debate with me!” Feuerstein wrote, adding, “Who wants to see this?”


The post blew up, like most of Feuerstein’s posts. As of this writing, it’s been liked and shared over 14,000 times, but it isn’t clear how much of that engagement is taking him seriously. In the comment section beneath the post, while Feuerstein had his usual gaggle of supporters, many came to express their *lack of faith* in his debate skills.

“You’re so incredibly brave and manly for picking on a 16-year old who is trying to save the planet,” one commenter wrote. “God I wish you were single.”

“I am profoundly unsurprised that you want to debate a child and not a scientist,” wrote another.

“Nice to see that you have moved on and matured after your previous social media clout chase of going to war with Starbucks over coffee cups, and are proving you’re a different, more level minded person by *Checks notes* challenging and offering to pay a 16 year old to a televised debate about climate change.”

“This is even more pathetic than when you whined about not seeing Merry Christmas on your coffee cup.”

In sum, this is Feuerstein’s favorite grift: offering large sums of money to debate people who he knows won’t respond.

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