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Christian preacher: ‘New World Order’ will inject you with vaccine that tracks people who dislike ‘antichrist Biden’

During a recent livestream, right-wing pro-Trump Christian pastor and conspiracy theorist Lance Wallnau warned his followers about the “new world order” which he says seeks to pump people full of vaccines of which no one knows the ingredients.

According to Wallnau, the elite of the NWO are working on a vaccine that will conduct “surveillance under the skin” to track anyone who is critical of President Biden.

“They’re looking for and they’re working on the argument that they want to be able to have a vaccine that would allow them to do surveillance under the skin,” Wallnau said.

“Check your blood pressure, check your emotions, check how you’re feeling — hey, at some point, they’re bragging, they can even monitor your reaction to a speech. So, if you don’t like what antichrist Biden says … then if you have an increased, elevated heart rate and you’re getting upset, you actually show up in a monitor which has AI capacity and is monitoring all kinds of reactions and adverse anger reactions…”

You get the idea. He’s insane.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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