Christian preacher who said unmarried sex causes coronavirus dies from coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic raged back in March, End Times preacher Irvin Baxter appeared on televangelist Jim Bakker’s show to rail against people who participate in pre-marital sex, saying the pandemic may be a “wake-up call” sent by God to punish fornicators. But in a press release issued on Election Day, Baxter’s ministry announced that he had succumbed to the virus.

“It is with deep grief that we announce the passing of Irvin Baxter. Though, we find comfort in knowing that he has without a doubt entered his great reward. He was 75,” the announcement read.

As the Friendly Atheist points out, Baxter appeared on Bakker’s show in late March and lamented that “15 million people, that are living together unmarried.”

“If we think we can just ignore God and live a sinful lifestyle, well, we cannot do it,” Baxter said. “You know, I believe in what you’re saying, that God may be using this as a wake-up call. This coronavirus may be a privilege, because I’ll tell you right now, there’s a much bigger judgment coming.”

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Sky Palma

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