Christian prophet: Missouri tornado was a retaliatory strike for state’s abortion bill

Most people accept the fact that natural occurrences such as tornadoes are random weather events, but not the “Firefighter Prophet” Mark Taylor. According to him, natural disasters, specifically hurricanes and tornadoes, are weapons utilized by the left in order to combat the agenda of President Trump and religious conservatives.

According to reports, the tornado that tore through Missouri earlier this week left a 20-mile trail of destruction and was a mile wide. AccuWeather says that the state’s capital, Jefferson City, was among the hardest hit. But according to Taylor, the tornado’s timing was no coincidence since it hit during the run-up to Missouri’s governor signing into law a bill that bans abortion after 8 weeks of pregnancy.

“Coincidence that Missouri was hit with Tornadoes right after they signed the abortion bill?” Taylor tweeted this Friday.

“That same line of storms had Tornado warning in DC yesterday right before Trump gave ok for declass. The enemy is trying to intimidate. It won’t work, your a defeated enemy! Victory!” Taylor added, suggesting that President Trump’s recent decision to allow the Attorney General to declassify documents on alleged surveillance activities of the 2016 campaign was also a reason for the weaponization of tornadoes.

This particular brand of weather conspiracy mongering is a major part of Taylor’s repertoire. Earlier this month, he claimed Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria back in 2017 was actually a Democrat plot to flood Florida with refugees so it would turn into a blue state.

“If you’ll notice, right after the hurricane hit down in Puerto Rico and they had that big scandal with the mayor down there and all that stuff,” he said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “They were trying to move half a million Puerto Ricans into Florida as a humanitarian effort.”

In a rant from October of last year, Taylor said that Hurricane Michael was created by Democrats in retaliation for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“Does anyone else think it’s strange that Justice K is sworn in and we have a major hurricane inbound?” Taylor tweeted. “[Democrats] scared? They should be. Retaliation? Absolutely.”

“We will not be intimidated!” he declared. “Warriors arise, time to go to work! You know what to do.”

[The title of this article has been updated to more accurately reflect Taylor’s words]

Featured image: screen grab/YouTube

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