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Christian ‘prophet’: God is monitoring people who think Biden won to ‘find out who’s loyal’

Speaking on the Daily Truth Report recently, pro-Trump conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed “prophet” Mark Taylor said that people’s beliefs about who won the 2020 election are seen as a loyalty test to God.

“Why would you ever tell them to give up, and tell them to apologize when the election was stolen?” Taylor said, speaking of those who predicted that Trump would win but are now walking back those predictions. “We all know the election was stolen. When God has said, ‘I have given you the victory, it just needs to play out on earth as it is in Heaven’ — right? So why as a leader would you ever want to give ground the enemy that was already given to you?”

“Instead of that, why are you not teaching your people to stand in faith?” Taylor continued. “Right now, God’s not saying a whole lot corporately right now. I’m not saying he can’t speak individually, because he can and he will. But he’s not saying a whole lot corporately. … God’s not saying anything right now. What he’s telling people is to stand — ‘I need you to stand. I’m gonna find out who’s loyal to me, I’m gonna show you who’s loyal to me and who’s not, and I’m gonna show you all kinds of things here.’ That’s why I believe God’s being quiet.”

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