Christian prophet: Hurricane Florence was created by liberals to cover up mass voter fraud in North Carolina

During an appearance on the The McFiles webcast, self described Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor floated his latest insights, this time regarding Hurricane Florence and its ensuing floods.

To Taylor, rarely is anything a random event or natural product of nature. Taylor sees conspiracies and liberal plots in almost every world event he comments on. A common theme in Taylor’s rants is his belief that opponents of President Trump have the ability to control the weather, thus allowing them to create distractions that harm Trump’s agenda.

Now Taylor is claiming that Hurricane Florence was actually a plot to cover up mass voter fraud.

Speaking to host Chris McDonald in an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Taylor asserted that Hurricane Florence was implemented in order to destroy evidence after the North Carolina board of elections was ordered by ICE and the DOJ to turn over 8 years of voter records from the state.

“I saw where North Carolina had done the voter fraud stuff for the machines, for this, that, and the other; they had caught it or something like that and they were going after it,” Taylor said.

“I said, ‘Oh boy.’ Sure enough, there it was; here comes the hurricane. Bigger than life, there it was,” he continued, recounting how his suspicions were confirmed.

“And I just found out, literally though another source of mine — contact this morning, sure enough, they said it was in fact made by man and generated by the HAARP system, basically, and it was meant to try and flood North Carolina and flood out the evidence of what was going on with the voter fraud.”

The “HAARP system” Taylor is referring is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which is a common target of conspiracy theorists who believe things such as “chemtrails” are real. But in reality, HAARP utilized a radio transmitter that doesn’t have the ability to create hurricanes — or enact mind control.

From the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute:

HAARP is a group of high-frequency radio transmitters powered by four diesel tugboat generators and one from a locomotive. The transmitters send a focused beam of radio-wave energy into the aurora zone. There, that energy can stimulate a speck of the electrical sun-Earth connection about 100 miles above our heads.

The U.S. government shut the program down in 2015 and donated the transmitter to the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

But these easily discoverable facts don’t slow Taylor down from making his wild claims.

“People don’t think this stuff is real,” Taylor told McDonald. “They don’t think that this stuff can actually happen, that we have the technology. This stuff has been going on for decades. It’s all over the world.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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