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Christian ‘prophet’: I’d prefer to live under Putin’s government than Biden’s because Putin is a ‘chess player of god’

During an appearance on the QAnon-boosting Elijah List livestream, QAnon adherent and self-proclaimed “prophet” Johnny Enlow praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that Russia’s government would be much more desirable to live under than the current U.S. government under President Joe Biden.

“I do think [Putin] has been motivated strongly by the Holy Spirit and the assignment on his life. He’s a key chess player of God,” Enlow said, adding that if he had to choose between Putin’s government and “what’s called out government now,” he would take Putin’s.

“[Russia] is not trying to bring their people into bondage,” Enlow continued. “They’re trying to bring them into freedom, they want to see families established, they want people to serve and worship God. Are they doing it all right in how they go about it? No. But as opposed to our ‘present’ government leadership who’s trying to enslave us — no telling what they would do without the voice of Trump on the side saying what he’s saying and everything else — but if you consider the fact that they have totally bought in to the New World Order and the agenda to depopulate … where is it more dangerous to be a citizen of? It is, if you just looked at it face value now knowing what God’s doing behind the scenes, it’s much more dangerous to be a citizen in this country under who we have in our government …”

Watch the video below:

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