Christian prophet: Liberal elites sent hurricane as punishment for Georgia’s ‘Heartbeat bill’

Mark Taylor, a far-right radical conspiracy theorist who believes he is a prophet of sorts, claimed on his Tuesday “Up Front In The Prophetic” radio program that a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico is going to turn into a hurricane, and his state of Louisiana, as punishment from the Illuminati.

Taylor has frequently stated to anyone willing to listen that he believes the (fictional, but real in his mind) Illuminati have weather-controlling machines that can be used against American citizens when they act in ways outside of the group’s desires, Right Wing Watch reported.

Taylor believes that to be the present case.

This much is true: a tropical storm is developing in the Gulf of Mexico, and is slated to become Hurricane Barry over the weekend. Beyond that, Taylor’s words are conspiratorial and outlandish.

Why is the Illuminati targeting Louisiana, the projected path of the storm? Simple: because the state of Georgia, and others like it, passed restrictive anti-choice abortion bills into law, Taylor said, and abortion appeases the Illuminati’s favorite demon, Baal. Hence, no abortions, no happy Baal.

This is actually what Taylor believes.

“You’ve got to remember, what is abortion? The sacrificing of kids. What does that sacrifice do? Abortion is the food source for Baal; Baal being the strongman over America. That’s what empowers Baal. You’re taking Baal’s food source and he’s not liking it, so this is retaliation from the enemy that I would say is from that heartbeat bill.”

Taylor is a former firefighter who had to leave his position due to post-traumatic stress. In 2011, he claimed he heard the voice of God tell him that Donald Trump would become president, The Guardian reported.

But that’s not all: Taylor also predicted that Trump would win a second term to office, that Roe v. Wade would be overturned by the Supreme Court, and that Trump will authorize the release of the cure for cancer while serving as president. Taylor, the so-called “Firefighter Prophet,” also believes Obama will be charged with treason during this time.

But not all of his predictions come to fruition — which probably surprises no one with a rational-thinking mind. Take his prediction on the 2018 midterm elections.

Taylor prophesized that the elections would be a “red tsunami” won overwhelmingly by the Republican Party. In fact, Democrats won, big-time, and presently have a majority in the House of Representatives that’s around three-dozen members strong.

Taylor revised his prophecy’s meaning after the election results, claiming that “[t]he tsunami is going to happen when the mass arrests [against Trump’s political opponents] take place,” he explained.

Listen to Taylor’s Tuesday comments in the audio clip below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/The Jim Bakker Show

Chris Walker

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