Christian prophet on Mueller’s testimony: We’re witnessing the destruction of ‘demon-controlled Democrats’

In the wake of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony this Wednesday, it’s safe to say that interpretations of the hearing pretty much stuck to party lines. While many thought Mueller’s performance was a boon for Democrats, others thought he didn’t give the Democrats what they wanted. And then there’s the opinion of “Firefighter Prophet” Mark Taylor.

Taylor, a die-hard Trump supporter who claims that God told him that Trump would be elected, was ecstatic over Mueller’s testimony.

“This is a great day!” Taylor tweeted. “Your are witnessing the systematic destruction of the Demon controlled Democrats, and some Republican’s (sic). You will not see another Democrat in the Whitehouse for many years or if ever again. They are finished. The Great Awakening is here!”

By referring to the “Great Awakening,” Taylor is reiterating his belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims there’s a “Deep State” plot against President Trump. It gets more complicated, but you can read up on it if addling your brain with nonsense provides you some form of entertainment.

When comes to the “Demon controlled Democrats,” Taylor isn’t being hyperbolic. He really thinks demons are involved here. In fact, most things that he disagrees with ideologically are demon-controlled, according to him.

In an appearance on a webcast earlier this month, Taylor said that people need to look at illegal border crossings from a more “spiritual perspective,” adding that the US-Mexico border is a “2,000-mile demonic gate.” Last month, he appeared on the Watchmen Radio program and continued to disseminated his bizarre notion that President Trump is a devout Christian. According to Taylor, Christians had a clear choice in the 2016 election — it was either “a demon-possessed witch,” i.e., Hillary or a “man of God,” i.e., Trump.

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