Christian ‘prophet’ on prediction that never came true: Arrests of Obama and Clinton ‘already happened in spirit’

Luckily for the “Firefighter Prophet” Mark Taylor, his fan base doesn’t pay that much close to attention to details, otherwise he’d have a lot explaining to do regarding his unfulfilled predictions.

During an appearance on The MC Files program Tuesday night, Taylor shifted the goal posts a little on a prediction he made in January of last year, where he claimed that Trump-orchestrated mass arrests that would include the Clintons, the Obamas, and George Soros, would take place in the following month of February.

That obviously never happened, but that small detail hasn’t shaken Taylor’s narrative. According to him, the arrests have already taken place, just only on a more intangible level.

“These are criminals,” Taylor said in a video flagged by Right Wing Watch. “These guys are not patriots. They have committed treasonous acts and they’re going to go down.”

Instead of giving out exact timelines for the arrests, Taylor now says “it doesn’t matter” how long it takes.

“Justice is coming,” Taylor declared. “God has said that the Clintons were going to go down, Obama was going to go down. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.”

“The bottom line is it has been spoken, it has been decreed, it’s done and over with,” he continued. “It’s already happened in the spirit, now it just has to manifest in the natural. So people just need to sit back and relax and get your popcorn. Watch the show, folks.”

In January of last year, Taylor appeared on the Faithtalk program where he said Trump had already set in motion the arrests that were to take place in “only a couple of weeks.”

“I think a lot of this stuff … is going to start to go down in the month of February,” Taylor said. “So we’re only a couple of weeks away from when the big stuff might begin to happen. If they do pick the month of February to start rounding people up, that is usually the coldest month of the year for the entire country, so that will keep a lot of people off the streets, if you know what I mean.”

If you want to call Taylor out on his Rolodex of failed prophecies, feel free to reach out to him on Twitter.

Watch his appearance on the Tuesday’s The MC Files below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/American Christian TV

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